Deferred Pricing

Need to move your grain, but not ready to set your price? A Deferred Pricing contract gives you options. Unlike our Grain Storage program, you transfer ownership of your grain to ADM upon delivery. But you still maintain the ability to use pricing tools and strategies to take advantage of potential future price increases.

ADM products and services vary by location.

How it Works

How it Works

Here’s how to put Deferred Pricing to work for you:

  1. Meet with your local ADM representative to discuss your plans and objectives for current and future production.
  2. He or she will walk you through the choices that will best help you meet your objectives and to ensure you’re comfortable with the suggestion and plan.
  3. If you select a Deferred Pricing contract, ADM will define expectations for final pricing, payment and delivery, and continue to look for ways to help you improve your grain marketing.
  4. Deliver your grain to the select ADM facility.
  5. Watch the market and set your price at any time using ADM pricing tools.
  6. Your final price is the contract price minus your grain storage fees.




  • Deliver your grain now, price it later
  • Lower storage costs by transferring ownership to ADM
  • Open space in your bins for additional grain storage
  • Put yourself in position to capitalize on market rallies


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