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You know your farm operation best and when you need operating capital. We’re here for you when you need to make a cash sale.

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Know When to Sell

Follow seasoned grain marketers as they give you week-by-week guidance for your decisions.

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Deliver Your Grain

Short on time? Check unload times before you leave home with the ADM Wait Time app (at select locations).


The most powerful tool for making informed and confident decisions.

GrainBridge makes it powerfully easy to consolidate your grain accounts from ADM and other buyers into one dashboard. You can quickly access local elevator information, prices, grain contracts, scale tickets and payment information. Making decisions with real-time information has never been easier. You’re going to love it.

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Pro Tip

Typically, markets are higher early in the crop year and decline toward harvest. Consider February-June for opportunities in corn and May-August for soybeans.

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Get Cash a Smarter Way

Sell cash grain but stick to your bigger marketing plan.


Use Upside Contracts

Some ADM contracts pay a portion of your proceeds upfront, with potential for more if markets go higher.

Tips for Using Offers

Read some helpful do’s and don’ts from ADM’s Matthew Kroes on using offers.

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Pro Tip

“Sometimes we have to market out of necessity. A lot of us coast into harvest on fumes. But we want to get away from that as much as possible.” – Matt Bennett, Producer and Consultant

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Consider Forward Marketing

Cash sales may feel secure, but some forward marketing can help reduce your price risk.

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Photo: Hayden Sholtis, Grain Origination Specialist

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Talk Things Over

You may only know us as the folks who empty trucks and send checks. But there’s a lot more to your ADM team: Knowledge, guidance, and a variety of tools to help you be a better marketer of your crops.

Call on us to discuss

  • Pricing strategies
  • Cash flow needs
  • Storage concerns
  • Capturing market opportunities
  • Price protection
  • How to use crop insurance
  • Marketing terms and methods
  • Annual grain marketing planning
  • Managing fertilizer cost risk

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From early crop-year planning until your money’s in the bank, we pledge to be the best grain marketing strategists you can find. Ask for ideas anytime.

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We’re specialists in driving down nutrient costs through forward pricing and direct purchasing. Let us help you build better margins into your bottom line.