ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer:
5 Easy Steps

Think of us as your one-stop supply chain that saves you time and money. That’s because we buy fertilizer directly from the source and help you save with transparent forward pricing, financing, delivery, and storage. We give you the power to control your input costs.

Select Products

1. Select Products

Get a full range of macro and micronutrients directly from ADM.

Track World Markets

2. Track Markets

Prices fluctuate with global demand. We inform you when prices are favorable.

Lock In A Better Price

3. Lock in a Better Price

Contact your ADM Fertilizer Rep or visit the ADM Fertilizer Portal.

Prepare Storage (icon)

4. Prepare Storage

We offer financing for bulk storage and nutrient costs to help set you up.

Take Delivery

5. Take Delivery

Pick up your order from an ADM terminal, or we can deliver to your farm.

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The most powerful tool for making informed and confident decisions.

GrainBridge makes it powerfully easy to consolidate your grain accounts from ADM and other buyers into one dashboard. You can quickly access local elevator information, prices, grain contracts, scale tickets and payment information. Making decisions with real-time information has never been easier. You’re going to love it.

ADM Fertilizer Customer Portal

Visit the ADM Fertilizer Customer Portal

ADM has made it easy for you to make your fertilizer purchases 24/7 via our online portal.

ADM Fertilizer Calculator icon

Calculate Your Savings

Run the numbers using this handy calculator to see your potential savings with ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer.

ADM Historical Grain and Fertilizer Prices icon

Historical Grain and Fertilizer Pricing

Select a recent year, a nutrient, and a crop, and see what your profit margin would have been, given historic prices.

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Because price fluctuations of $50 or even $100 per ton are common, you can realize substantial savings if you capture some of those moves.

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Jake Niederer, ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer


Pro Tip

When weather gives you a brief window to fertilize, have your product on-farm when you need it.

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Pro Tip

On average, customers who’ve invested in storage for their own fertilizer have seen a return on investment in 2.5 years.

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Real Producers. Real Savings.

Farmers who’ve done business with ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer are happy with their service and savings. Here are a few of their stories.

Ben Riensche Thumbnail Picture

Ben Riensche

“We’ve often knocked $50 or $60 a ton off the price--sometimes because of the direct feature, sometimes because of forward contracting.”
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Matt Imholte Thumbnail Picture

Matt Imholte

“A couple years ago, urea went to $800, and we had $300 urea in our shed. It paid for itself really quick.”
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Brian Darr Thumbnail Picture

Brian Darr

“Instead of paying somebody else to haul it, I can do it myself and make that money back in savings on fertilizer costs.”
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ADM representative talking with farmer next to fertilizer spreader

Photo: Zach Jans, Territory and Origination Sales Manager

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Talk to Your Representative

Our fertilizer specialists work hard to get you better deals on crop nutrients. Locate your nearest ADM fertilizer representative on the maps linked below, and request a conversation.

We offer free consultations to:

  • Calculate potential savings from buying fertilizer direct from ADM.
  • Plan wider margins by forward-pricing for both grain and fertilizer.
  • Discuss financing for fertilizer storage or bin purchases.
  • Sign up for fertilizer market calls and emails.

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From early crop-year planning until your money’s in the bank, we pledge to be the best grain marketing strategists you can find. Ask for ideas anytime.

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