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When it comes to making decisions that lead to greater farm profitability, you are in the driver’s seat. Knowing how to leverage market opportunities and drive down risk can make all the difference. Learn those strategies in Shift®, a six-lesson online course from ADM that shares the management principles of successful operations today.


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  • Take advantage of this online course unlike anything available
  • Access it anytime on your smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Learn from Ed Usset, Paul Neiffer, ADM experts and producers
  • Move at your own pace and take lessons in order or skip around
  • Read, listen and watch in ways that make it fun to learn
  • Tap into a wealth of rich resources with online links
  • Turn practical insights into action that can help you succeed


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Rev Your Educational Engines

Get ready for some valuable learning. Shift offers six lessons with each “gear” taking approximately 20-30 minutes to finish. Complete them all and receive a complimentary certificate as proof of course completion. Here are all the topics covered in Shift.

Shift-ADMadvantage - Turn The Key

Turn the Key

Start your engine with three crucial habits that keep you disciplined.

Shift-ADMadvantage - Map Your Financial Route

1st Gear

Map your financial route with price targets and a plan for profitability.

Shift-ADMadvantage - Use Crop Insurance

2nd Gear

Use crop insurance as marketing fuel when pre-harvest prices make sense.

fertilizer spreader

3rd Gear

Put the brakes on fertilizer costs by locking in prices and buying direct.

Shift-ADMadvantage - Navigate The Market

4th Gear

Navigate the market with confidence by understanding grain marketing methods.

Shift-ADMadvantage - Grain Marketing Cruise Control

5th Gear

Put your plan on cruise control with a calendar and marketing technology.

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Drive to Greater Profitability

Know your breakeven. Set a floor with crop insurance. Lower you input costs. Make a grain marketing plan. Sell at prices that reward your work. Use Shift to help you learn how.

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