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Consumers expect the best quality and nutrition their hard-earned money can buy – all while preserving our natural resources. Turn these expectations into opportunities for your operation. Our Co-products are plant-derived ingredients key for animal feed, providing the foundation to optimize nutrition and feed costs. They are also important for reducing the environmental impact of animal production.

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With the largest network of logistical resources in the industry, ADM connects harvest to the home in over 75 countries, gathering market intelligence from trading millions of tons of Co-products annually. Take advantage of our global network, as well as our global and local market knowledge. Our vast portfolio provides a wide range of products to fit your specific ration needs at competitive prices.

  • Global nutrition leader with world-wide network of industry experts.
  • Unmatched processing capabilities as the world’s largest corn processor.
  • Vast ingredient portfolio and unparalleled global footprint.
Bulk Feed Products

Bulk Feed Products

Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten meal is a dry feed ingredient made from the protein remaining after the removal of starch, germ, and bran from corn. This provides an energy level second only to that of fats and oils and is an excellent energy source for cattle, swine, poultry, pets, and fish.






Download Corn Gluten Meal Specifications PDF




Corn Germ Meal

Corn germ meal is an excellent source of protein and fiber for cattle, swine, poultry, pets and other animals providing a good balance of amino acids and essential nutrients.



Download Corn Germ Meal Specifications PDF




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ADM Feed Ingredients Catalog PDF


Corn Gluten Pellets

Rich in protein, these pellets are primarily used as cattle, swine and poultry feed. Corn gluten feed provides a high-energy, low-fat food source that is highly digestible and rich in crucial amino acids.


Download Corn Gluten Feed Pellets–16% Protein PDF

Download Corn Gluten Feed Pellets–18% Protein PDF




Wet Corn Gluten Feed

ADM’s proprietary wet feed ingredient, Golden Gluten™, provides an excellent source of protein, energy, fiber and minerals for both beef and dairy cattle. Recent research indicates that use of Golden Gluten™ increases ration dry matter intake, increases average daily gains and reduces acidosis, with feed efficiency values comparable to corn when fed to feedlot cattle.

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Download Golden Gluten Specifications PDF


Wheat Middlings

Wheat middlings (midds) are often used in livestock feed, providing animals a good source for protein and energy. Midds consist of fine particles of wheat bran, wheat shorts, wheat germ, wheat flour, and some of the offal from the tail of the mill. Available as loose meal or in pellet form, midds are produced as a result of the wheat milling process.


Download Wheat Middlings Specifications PDF

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