ADM Podcast: In the Driver's Seat

We know how valuable your time is and recognize it may be easier to listen to a grain marketing discussion than to read about it. That’s why we’re offering In the Driver’s Seat, a new podcast for grain producers on managing financial risk.

We’ve launched In the Driver’s Seat with a five-part series on staying in control of your grain marketing. Our guests delve into five disciplines that can ease the stress of market risk.

We hope you enjoy these episodes and check back for more!

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Episode 1: Four Grain Marketing Principles

Why you need to plan, execute, adjust and evaluate your decisions.

Doug Roose, Director of ADM Producer Origination
Nate Brabec, Integration Manager (Western Region) for ADM


Episode 2: Plan Your Grain Marketing Simply

Connect the risk and revenue dots and come out with a strategy.

Pat Kroese, Vice President, GrainBridge
Nate Brabec, Integration Manager (Western Region) for ADM


Episode 3: Execute Your Grain Marketing Objectively

Once you know price targets, some smart tools and contracts can capture them.

Danny Pfoff, Grain Originator for ADM, Central IL
Justin Newman, Integration Manager for ADM, Southern IL, IN, OH


Episode 4: Adjust Your Grain Marketing with Discipline

Flexibility means changing your method, not your objective.

Jim Sibbel, Integration Manager for ADM, Northwest
Dale Jackson, Territory Origination & Sales Manager for ADM, Central IL


Episode 5: Evaluate Your Grain Marketing Honestly

Apply wins, losses, and opportunities to start fresh, or improve performance.

Miranda Wamsley, Origination Manager for ADM, E. Central IL
Jason Depenbrock, Origination Manager for ADM, No. IL


Episode 6: Smarter Buys in Fertilizer

Lock in prices and buy in bulk for control of a big expense.

Noah Binkley, Territory Origination & Sales Manager for ADM, So. IL, KY
Zach Jans, Territory Origination & Sales Manager for ADM, So. MN, Northeast IA, WI


Episode 7: Harvest Contracts

Get cash now and capture potential market rallies.

Dave Rosenmeyer, Integration Manager in the north central Midwest


Episode 8: Save Big on Fertilizer Costs

Bulk fertilizer purchases from ADM can save, on average, $10 an acre.

Ashley Duehn, Territory Manager, Fertilizer, in Northern Minnesota
Dale Jackson, Territory Manager, Fertilizer, in Central Illinois


Episode 9: Make 2019 Work

With trade wars still playing out, the new year needs more discipline than ever.

Becca Burns, Product Line Marketing Manager for ADM
Paul Scheetz, Manager of the ADM corn and soybean plants in Iowa


Episode 10: Control Your Odds

Widen your margins by making fertilizer purchases and grain marketing plans at the same time.

Doug Roose, Vice President of Producer Marketing at ADM
Jake Niederer, Director of Sales, ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer


Episode 11: “News-Proof” Your Grain Marketing

With China trade and other news unsettled, take steps to improve farm stability.

Doug Roose, Vice President of Producer Marketing at ADM
Roger Bernard, Senior Policy Analyst at Informa Economics IEG


Episode 12: Matt Bennett on Grain Marketing: Keep Your Head

Learn the price levels that work for your farm—and stick to them.

Matt Bennett, producer in Windsor, IL


Episode 13: Work the 2019 Grain Markets

Opportunities to make a profit on corn and soybeans will take disciplined, strategic marketing.

Bryce Knorr, Senior Market Analyst, Farm Futures
Justin Newman, ADM Integration Manager, Southern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio