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Second Year of ADM re:generations™ Brings Additional Incentives and Choices

USDA grant helps ADM expand state programs

Regenerative ag programs, also known as carbon initiatives or Climate-Smart programs, have taken hold across agriculture and are offered by a number of companies. ADM launched our own initiative under the name re:generations™ a year ago.

We sought to make our programs different from others by rewarding existing conservation practices, simplifying data collection requirements, and offering flexibility in contract length. In year one, we exceeded our 1-million-acre goal, and enrolled 1.2 million acres.

We’re now starting our second year of enrollment, and we’re providing additional incentives and state programs thanks in part to a grant from the USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities. Cover crops are a particular focus, and financial incentives are available for both new and existing cover crop acres.

What you need to know to enroll

Because each state has its own program, you’ll need to review details on Here you’ll find information on incentives, which crops are eligible and what practices are rewarded.

We’re keeping the same flexibility for enrollment as the first year of the program, so you can commit for as short as a one-year contract. This gives you a chance to participate and determine whether you’ll eventually want to re-enroll in future years.

ADM is proud to be a recipient of a Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities grant, and we offer the only program that returns 100% of these USDA grant funds back to farmers in the form of program payments. We’ll distribute payments to thousands of producers for adopting and implementing agriculture practices like cover crops, reduced tillage and nutrient management.

There are a number of partners in re:generations as well. Depending on your state, you may work with Ducks Unlimited, Practical Farmers of Iowa, or another conservation organization with a local presence. We engaged these conservation organizations as technical assistance partners to help in the successful adoption of regenerative agriculture practices.

ADM also utilizes FBN as a data management partner to measure, report and verify the effects of regenerative agriculture practices. Finally, we pay direct incentives for the execution of regenerative agriculture practices by contracting directly with growers.

Why ADM is involved

ADM is committed to sustainability and regenerative ag goals that support continuous improvement of the agricultural supply chain. Our global efforts to create a more sustainable, healthy future for food production and distribution begins with our commitment to producers.

That’s why we offer programs that provide financial and technical support for producers to help enable them to adopt or continue regenerative agriculture practices. The goal is to enlist 4.2 million producer customer acres in regenerative ag practices by 2028.

ADM also has committed to reduce its scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2035. The goal is to create markets that provide more value for crop producers to grow regeneratively by adding characteristics that positively impact the environment. Programs like this help build the infrastructure to develop those markets.

Get more information

We encourage you to look into ADM re:generations and determine whether it’s a fit for your farm.

An ADM representative would be happy to discuss details of your state’s re:generations program. You can also visit to get more details for your state.

Ready to get started today? You can enroll through FBN in the links below.

Cover Crop Program

CC + ISCC Program


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