Resources and Contracts to Help You Now

ADM has compiled a list of crop insurance resources below. We also offer a variety of grain marketing contracts that fit your need, style, and risk preference. Your ADM representative is always willing and available to answer any questions you have. We’re here to assist your decision-making as you consider how best to accomplish your grain marketing plan.

Crop Insurance Resources:

Crop Insurance Worksheet
Calculate your revenue under different scenarios using Revenue Protection Policies.

farmdoc Crop Insurance Decision Tool
This program from the University of Illinois can help you calculate premiums, evaluate insurance payments and provides useful historical data.

Grain Marketing Contract Resources:

ADM Grain Contracts & Programs
Compare the features of ADM contracts to find which ones best fit your needs right now.

Grain Marketing Methods: A Guide from ADM
Different types of grain marketing defined with their pros and cons.

Why Time Stamp Your Grain Marketing?
Timing your marketing — selling portions of your crop at intervals throughout the year — is not only a good way to spread risk; it also helps remove some of the emotions around marketing.