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Call Summary:


  • Main focus on the grain market is harvest progress and carry out. Stocks will be a focus moving into January. Domestic use is good, margins on ethanol are good. Yields are impressive on both corn and beans.



  • Continue to say it, but if you can lock in margin, buy. Do what makes sense on your operation as we move forward.
  • Nitrogen: Urea in the U.S. is at a discount to the world, UAN is dealing with turn around issues at plants and potential duty restrictions at the gulf.
  • Phosphates: MAP remains scarce, NOLA barge was posted $770 and no one bought.
  • Potash: Have seen imports coming to the U.S., market is still a little out of balance but working towards being more balanced than a few months ago.
  • Sulfate has been a sleeper, consider the nitrogen value when booking and lock in supply if you haven’t.


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