Put a portion of your grain in the hands of independent marketing experts.

ADM AdvantageSM Expert is enrolling corn and soybeans through January 26, 2018.

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Capture historically stronger spring prices.

Average Seasonal Price (ASP™) contracts earn typically higher prices. But hurry, enrollment in corn ends January 26, 2018.

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Get 24/7 access with the new ADM FarmView app.

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Find contract clarity.

ADM makes seasonal planning easy.


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ADM offers more than a dozen grain contracts with expert and automatic execution to diversify your marketing plan.


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Whether you’re selling grain or planning your season, ADM is always right by you.


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Market Commentary

News Headlines

Locking Down a Price

December 8, 2017

Market analysts say farmers need to lock in some sales before crop is in the bin. (Progressive Farmer)... Read More

Contract Performance Charts

Our grain contract portfolio offers a wide range of choices, designed to help you meet your marketing goals.

See how our contracts have performed with just a few easy clicks.

All prices are futures price references (not cash equivalents). Past performance is not indicative of future results. ADM does not warrant this information to be free of omissions and errors.

ADM FarmView App

ADM FarmView App

• Download the ADM FarmView app to get 24/7 access to your ADM account from your smartphone or tablet.
• See current local cash bids at your preferred ADM locations.
• Check commodities markets with historical charts and commentary.
• Access your ADM account information, including deliveries, contracts, payments and storage.

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