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Those Who Care for the Land

Respect for the earth. The highest nutritional content. An unwavering commitment to safety. These Faces of Food are producers, growers, farmers. For generations this has been so.

Fiercely independent, their legacy is their land. They care for it like their life depends on it – because it does. They do what they say and take tremendous pride in their role to feed the world. Producing more from each acre to fill an ever-larger number of mouths. Challenged by uncertain weather, volatile markets and increasing cost pressures, they face each day with the hope a new crop brings.

These are the stories of life on the farm.

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Faces of Food: Entrepreneurial Spirit

To support multiple families, farming operations often need to diversify their income stream with different lines of business. One farm in central Illinois is a standout example of this business strategy, and they share their thoughts on the range of benefits it brings their family.

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Faces of Food: It Takes a Team

Running a modern farming operation is no easy task. To meet the operational and business demands of production agriculture, central Illinois farmer Susie Harbaugh invests in technology, and she relies on a close-knit team on and off the farm. In this story, Susie shares her optimism for what’s ahead and expresses her confidence in the next generation to build upon her family’s legacy.

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Faces of Food: Gateway to the World

Located two hours south of some of the world’s best soil, Habbe Farms isn’t blessed with such productive ground. But its location near river terminals in St. Louis helps deliver a premium price for grain and a cheaper price for fertilizer. R.H. Habbe IV, featured in this episode, is always looking for ways to be more efficient, while using techniques to protect his erodible land.

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Faces of Food: Lifeblood of Rural America

Those who farm say the lifestyle is in their blood. Maybe that’s why so many American farms have been operated by the same family for generations. These deep roots anchor their local communities. In turn, those communities support their farmers. This inspirational story of the Beckmans from Pender, Nebraska, shows the power of small-town bonds.

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Faces of Food: Spring Blizzard

Farming can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous way to make a living. And when an unexpected blizzard strikes during planting season, it can be downright harrowing. This episode features the D.J. Coleman Farm of Baldwin, North Dakota. The farm’s co-owner, Clark Coleman, says an April blizzard made for the most challenging week of cattle ranching he’s ever seen.

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The ADM team interacts with farmers daily. But not everyone is so fortunate. That’s why we created Faces of Food. We encourage everyone to share these stories to help create a better understanding and appreciation of life on the farm.

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