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ADM to Celebrate National Ag Day by Launching Season 3 of Faces of Food Film Series

The first episode, to be released March 19, features no-till legend Jeff Martin and his sons Derek and Doug

ADM Farmer Services has chosen March 19, National Ag Day 2024, to premier the latest season of Faces of Food, an ongoing film series featuring authentic stories that celebrate the hard work and perseverance of producers who grow food for the world.

Themed “The Next Generation,” Faces of Food Season 3 provides intimate portraits of three farm families dedicated to preserving land, soil, and prosperity for the next generation of American farmers.

Episode 1 tells the story of how no-till farming legend Jeff Martin and his sons, Derek and Doug, incorporated unconventional farming practices to improve soil health and make their Mount Pulaski, Illinois operation more resilient.

“We’re 7th-generation farmers and our goal is to be able to make sure that we can keep it sustainable for the next generation,” says Derek Martin.

“A tradition of innovation”

Viewers will learn about the events that prompted Jeff Martin to try no-till farming in the 1980s, and how he and his sons strive to carry on a tradition of innovation on the farm.

“So the practices that we’ve implemented now, we do a lot of things that were not custom even just five years ago,” says Doug Martin.

Jeff adds that his aspiration for the future would be, “That we can get more people on board with this, have more nutritional food, and improve the health in this country and around the world.”

The story of Martin Family Farms will be viewable on March 19 and is the first of the three Faces of Food episodes in Season 3 scheduled for release throughout the spring of 2024.

A legacy “close to our heart”

In April, producer Steve Myers reflects on what it’s meant to have his son, Seth, join an operation that he inherited more than four decades ago at age 21 when his own father suddenly passed away.

“We have that legacy. And that history. And that we always hold that close to our heart,” says Steve Myers.

The Faces of Food Season 3 finale, scheduled for release in May, features the story of next-generation producer Jordon Baird and what prompted him to switch careers and return to farming with his father, John, and brother, Jerrod.

“I already approached him once about leaving, and then I had to kind of swallow my pride, tell him I wanted to come back,” says Jordon Baird, explaining his discussion with his father about his decision.

Faces of Food: “Inspired and heartfelt stories”

Launched in 2022, Faces of Food is an ongoing series of authentic stories featuring the voices of producers from across the country to create a better understanding and appreciation of life on the farm. Each episode is also accompanied by a feature article providing additional details about each operation and the families that run them.

Season 1 focuses on how family, community, and perseverance help producers address the challenges that come with feeding the world.

Season 2 highlights the business of farming, featuring producers who rely on innovation and teamwork as they try to preserve their legacies by keeping their operations healthy and strong.

“We’re inspired and humbled by these heartfelt stories and excited to bring another season of Faces of Food to producers around the country,” says Shelby Kalb, Senior Producer Marketing Manager with ADM Farmer Services and the driving force behind Faces of Food.

Sharing producer stories on National Ag Day

ADM chose to release Faces of Food Season 3 on National Ag Day as a way to participate in the Agriculture Council of America’s ongoing efforts to increase public awareness of agriculture’s vital role in our society.

“National Ag Day is a day to celebrate producers and show our appreciation for all they do to preserve the land that for generations has fed the nation and the world so that it continues to do so for generations to come,” adds Shelby Kalb.

“We hope people everywhere join us in celebrating National Ag Day by watching and sharing the Faces of Food stories that showcase the hard work of America’s farm families. They deserve recognition and praise for all they do to lead the way in preservation and innovation for the health of our people and our planet.”

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