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We’re fertilizer specialists ready to help you drive down nutrient costs and build better margins into your bottom line. Click below to find your nearest ADM Fertilizer Representative in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.

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Four Ways We Can Help

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Control Input Costs

Lock in lower prices on fertilizer and get financing help to store it.

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Make & Execute a Plan

Set a trap to capture your target prices, widen your margins, and keep your farm profitable.

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Provide Market Insight

We filter market noise to give meaningful information that makes your decisions clearer.

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Use Smart Technology

Get tools that help you learn, buy, offer, sell, track, organize, and earn while you’re on the go.

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ADM Alerts Text Messages

It’s easy to receive automatic text messages on commodity prices, bids, offers, and facility updates. To sign up for your preferred communication alerts, follow these simple instructions:

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Photo: Kelsey Lourash, Account Manager
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Let us know what you’d like to talk about. Our time is complimentary and there’s no obligation to just run some numbers or discuss a plan of action. We just want to help.

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