Hedge-to-Arrive (HTA)

The Hedge-to-Arrive (HTA) grain contract offers you the choice to lock in only the futures reference price portion of your cash contract for a specific quantity to be delivered in the future. The basis can be set at a later date, but must be done prior to delivery. It’s one of many contract options that allow you to actively manage price risk.

Note that entering into a Hedge-to-Arrive (HTA) contract does not result in the seller opening a futures or options account or having a futures or options position. Any futures or options position taken by a buyer is for the benefit of the buyer only and shall be in the buyer’s name. Futures and/or options may be employed as a grain pricing mechanism. This contract is not a futures or options contract or a commodity pool agreement.

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How it Works

How it Works

Here’s how to put Hedge-to-Arrive to work for you:

  1. Working with your ADM representative, you lock in a Futures Reference Price for a specific quantity to be delivered in the future.
  2. You set your basis for the designated delivery period and location, at a level you are satisfied with prior to delivery.
  3. You deliver your contracted grain and receive the cash price, which is your Futures Reference Price +/− Basis − Service Fee.




  • Helps you actively manage your final grain price.
  • Helps diversify your marketing.


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