NeoVita™ 43 Biostimulant

NeoVita™ 43 is a next-generation crop input that improves corn yields by boosting the natural power of beneficial soil microbes. By stimulating microbial activity, NeoVita 43 increases nutrient use efficiency, enhances plant vigor, and boosts yields.

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  • Improves fertilizer ROI: Provides a needed energy source to soil microbes, boosting their activity to promote nutrient availability.
  • Boosts yields: Multiyear University of Illinois trials demonstrated that NeoVita 43 consistently boosts yields — up to 7 bushels/acre* — when used with starter fertilizer compared to using starter alone.
  • Easy to use: Offers proven compatibility and synergy with 10-34-0 starter fertilizer and available as a ready-mixed solution for in-furrow application.

ADM NeoVita 43 Boosts Corn Yields chart

*University of Illinois trials. Individual results may vary.



  • Multiple years of University of Illinois trials demonstrate consistent yield benefits.
  • Proven to improve crop yield and plant vigor when applied in furrow with common starter fertilizers.

Comparison of untreated (left) versus ADM CS43 + starter-treated corn. University of Illinois trials.

Comparison of untreated (left) versus NeoVita 43 + starter-treated corn. University of Illinois trials.



  • NeoVita 43 is formulated to mimic plant root exudate that supports soil microbial activity
  • Key nutrients from NeoVita 43 help soil microbes thrive and increases fertilizer availability and uptake


NeoVita comparison image

10-34-0 vs 10-34-0 + NeoVita 43
When included with liquid starter fertilizer, NeoVita 43 boosts beneficial soil microbe activity to improve nutrient availability and efficiency.



  • NeoVita 43 is available in 275-gallon totes
  • Application rate: 0.75 – 1.00 gallon/acre
  • Straight addition to liquid starter fertilizers
  • No additional mixing requirements

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