NeoVita™ 43 Biostimulant

Help Crops Thrive, No Matter What You Grow

A product is only as good as each farmer’s experience with it, and NeoVita 43 stands up to the test. As a sugar-based biostimulant that can be applied via foliar or in-furrow application, on specialty or commodity crops, NeoVita 43 helps crops thrive without slowing you down. Whether you’re new to biologicals or have tried it all, a simpler solution is here.

Put NeoVita 43 to Work on Your Farm

NeoVita 43 is a simple, convenient way to increase yield potential without the time, stress and risk that comes with other products on the market. With NeoVita 43, you’re covered. Contact your local ADM representative or check out the fertilizer portal and create an account to get started.

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Experience the Benefits

Experience the Benefits

Improves Fertilizer ROI

  • NeoVita 43 applied in-furrow provides a necessary energy source to soil microbes, boosting their activity to promote nutrient availability and increase fertilizer use efficiency.


Boosts Yields

  • Four years of university research have shown NeoVita 43 applied in-furrow consistently increased corn yields when used in combination with starter fertilizer versus starter alone.
  • Multiple third-party trials on foliar-applied sugar-based biostimulants, like NeoVita 43, suggest they can boost plant vigor by defending against disease and supporting beneficial insect populations.


Easy to Use

  • In-furrow: NeoVita 43 has compatibility and synergy with liquid fertilizers and does not require dilution or additional mixing for in-furrow application.
  • NeoVita 43 can also be applied as is with water and a variety of other crop inputs for foliar applications.


Apply How You Choose
  • In-furrow application with starter fertilizer
  • Foliar application via sprayer or overhead irrigation
  • No additional mixing or special handling
  • Compatible with most any form of liquid fertilizer or pesticide
  • Won’t clog nozzles or screens

Illustration of NeoVita 43 boosting beneficial soil microbe

When included with liquid starter fertilizer, NeoVita 43 boosts beneficial soil microbe activity to improve nutrient availability and efficiency.

In-Furrow Applied

In-Furrow Applied

Multiyear Data Proves Value

In trials spanning four crop years, NeoVita 43 consistently improved corn yields by as much as 7 bushels/acre when applied in-furrow with 10-34-0. NeoVita 43 mimics root exudates to stimulate the functions of soil microbes that unlock soil nutrients such as phosphorous. This increased soil activity helps enhance nutrient use efficiency and plant uptake, which ultimately can boost plant vigor and yield.


NeoVita 43 Strengthens ROI

In Beck’s Practical Farm Research corn trials, NeoVita 43 plus starter demonstrated a positive yield advantage and return on investment of $7.38/acre versus the check with starter alone. In soybeans, NeoVita 43 produced an ROI of $9.41/acre versus the untreated check.

in-furrow trial result chart

NeoVita 43 yield chart

NeoVita 43 reduction chart

Foliar Applied

Foliar Applied

Implications for Plant Health

Sugars are understood to be involved in many metabolic and signaling pathways within plants and may support immune responses against disease pathogens. While there is still more research to conduct, studies suggest that foliar-applied sugar may support crop health.

(Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 2007, vol. 20)


A Part in Pest Control

Numerous research studies have documented the increase of beneficial insects in fields and plots treated with a sugar-water solution, suggesting application of this solution as a biocontrol method for reducing pest populations.

(University of Nebraska, 2015)

tractor on a field at sunset



“We have never had better-looking corn.”

Michael Gettelfinger farms corn and soybeans on his family operation in Salem, Indiana. Where other bionutrition products faltered, NeoVita™ 43 brought success.

With NeoVita 43, “The quality is second to none. I am most impressed with how clean it is. We planted 900 acres of corn while using it, and I never had one issue with my system plugging,” he said — an issue that caused problems in the past.

Cost was also an important factor for Gettelfinger Family Farms. “We were looking for a clean product, but probably the main reason was the price. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the most affordable sugar product on the market.”

Overall, Michael sees the product’s cost and convenience offering better ROI to any farmer. “I think it’s a great return on investment. I’d recommend it to anybody — I honestly don’t see a scenario where it wouldn’t return you more than you invest.”


“Easy to use, easy to mix, easy to handle.”

Justin Campbell grows corn and soybeans in Pimento, Indiana, and tried several biological products with disappointing results before trying NeoVita 43. “We have tried several biological products — 2×2, in-furrow and foliar — with mixed experiences and various prices [that make it] hard to justify on an average year.”

Justin applied NeoVita 43 in-furrow on soybeans, in his 2×2 mix on corn and again when side-dressing. He notes being “very pleased with the product performance and being able to assist in feeding the soil biology along with adding a synergistic effect with other products.”

The results: “Very conservatively, three bushels on corn and one bushel on soybeans.”

He has mixed NeoVita 43 with up to eight different products at once, harnessing the convenience and effectiveness for the operation’s ROI. “It has become standard practice with our liquid programs on our farm. We utilize it in our planter and at side-dress with 100% confidence in the product performance.”

“Worked well and reduced down time.”

Michael Stangle farms high-management corn and soybeans with his father in southwest Indiana. Like Justin, Michael values the flowability and consistency of NeoVita 43, sometimes mixing it with seven to eight other products and seeing no issues.

“We have tried a few different products in the past, but product handling limited ease of use,” he said. “It’s [also] a clear product, so it is easier to see in our Redball system and does not stain our application equipment.”

The results in the field were clear, too. Michael states he experienced more consistent product flowability and performance that allowed him to better feed the microbial population and increase plant vigor.

Today at Stangle Farms, “We are using NeoVita 43 on 100% of our acres that are under high management. We are pleased with the product and do not plan on changing.”

Let’s Talk

To learn how NeoVita 43 can boost your fertilizer efficiency and crop yields, contact your local ADM Fertilizer representative, call 612-340-5957, or share your information below.

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