Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ADM?

ADM’s purpose is to unlock the power of nature, to enrich the quality of life. We’re a global leader in human and animal nutrition and the world’s premier agricultural origination and processing company. Our breadth, depth, insights, facilities and logistical expertise give us unparalleled capabilities to meet needs for food, beverages, health and wellness and more. From the seed of the idea to the outcome of the solution, we enrich the quality of life the world over. For more information go to

How many bushels have priced in my Accumulator?

Check with your local ADM rep and they will be able to provide you with that information during normal business hours.

How much do ASP, Accumulator, and Price Daily contracts cost?

All our ADM contract programs have different service fees associated with the specific pricing formula they offer. These contracts may not cost anything, some may offer a premium and others can cost more. Associated costs depend on certain market conditions and details of the contract. We take pride in explaining each contract thoroughly to make sure they function as expected and the fees are known up front.

When do I have to pay service fees associated with various contract offerings?

At the time of grain settlement.

What are common future month abbreviations

  • F = January
  • H = March
  • K = May
  • N = July
  • Q = August
  • U = September
  • X = November
  • Z = December

Difference in Deferred Pricing (DP) vs Deferred Payment

  • DP is an acronym for “Deferred or Delayed Pricing.” It can also be referred to as “PL/Price Later.” When utilizing a DP contract, ownership of the grain transfers to the elevator. This contract allows the customer to deliver the grain to ADM under the agreement that the grain will be priced at a later date. Dates and service fees vary by location and market conditions.
  • Deferred Payment allows a producer to receive payment for grain sold at a later date.

When do I need to set my basis?

Typically, your basis will need to be set prior to delivery of the grain or at a date that is specified on your ADM contract, whichever comes sooner.

How do I receive ADM Alerts text messages?

To receive automatic text messages on commodity prices, bids, offers, and facility updates, simply text the word SIGNUP to phone number 23811. Follow the series of prompts you’ll receive to verify your phone number. Once verified, you’ll receive a link to the Preferences Center where you can select your preferred communication preferences.