ADM Grain Contracts & Programs

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Automatic Contracts

Diversify your marketing plan with a contract that saves time with automatic execution.

Active Contracts

Stay in control of your marketing plan with choices to actively manage your grain pricing activity.

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Basis Hedge-to-Arrive (HTA) Minimum Price

Traditional Contracts

Make cash-based sales with a variety of delivery and storage options.

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Cash Deferred Pricing Forward Contract Spot Storage

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Compare Pricing Strategies

Our grain contract portfolio offers a wide range of choices designed to help you meet your marketing goals.

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Producer and ADM representative talking in soybean field

Photo: Hayden Sholtis, Grain Origination Specialist

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Need Help?

You know us as your elevator staff, but we also offer complimentary help with grain marketing plans. We’re turning our deep knowledge of the markets into information and services that we hope will ease your stress and improve your success. There’s no obligation when you simply ask for our help with your grain marketing.

Our time is yours to…

  • Clarify grain marketing terms and principles in plain English.
  • Discuss your price targets and approaches to achieving them.
  • Help you plan, execute, and adjust a marketing plan around your comfort level.
  • Work with you on floor prices and upside features to sell more confidently.
  • Calculate potential savings from forward-purchasing bulk fertilizer.