Employee Spotlight

Whether you want planning help, contract information or to just sell some grain, we’re your advocate in the grain market. We aren’t here to meet quotas; we’re here to meet your needs. Let’s get started.



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A customer thought a price target was out of reach. I explained that using different marketing tools can make the impossible now ‘possible’. He realized being open with me helped to achieve his goal.

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Karen Dale, ADM Grain Merchandiser

Four Ways We Can Help

Control Your Input Costs (icon)

Control Input Costs

Lock in lower prices on direct, bulk fertilizer and get financing help to store.

Develop & Work a Plan (icon)

Develop & Work a Plan

Set a trap to capture your target prices, widen your margins, and keep your farm profitable.

Provide Market Insight (icon)

Provide Market Insight

We filter market noise to give meaningful information that makes your decisions clearer.

Find Local Cash Bids (icon)

Use Smart Technology

Get tools that help you learn, buy, offer, sell, track, organize, and earn while you’re on the go.