Benson Hill® Ultra-High Protein Non-GMO Soybeans Contract

To meet the growing demand for plant-based proteins, ADM is partnering with Benson Hill on a 2023 production offering in central and southern Illinois. Through this strategic partnership, ADM will process and commercialize proprietary ingredients derived from Benson Hill e42P713 Ultra-High Protein, non-GMO Soybeans. Participating producers have an opportunity to earn premiums for the 2023 growing season.



Seed Info

Ultra-High Protein Non-GMO Soybeans

  • Specific variety: Benson Hill e42P713
  • 4.0 seed maturity
  • Seed treatment included: CruiserMaxx® APX + Saltro®
  • Planting population: Minimum 150K per acre
  • Treated seed licensing fee: $66 per unit*

*Seed use and seed treatment fees to be deducted from proceeds at time of settlement (1 unit = 140K seeds).

Delivery & Premium Choices

Patoka, IL | ADM Elevator

  • Harvest 2023 – $6.50/bu Premium**

Decatur, IL | ADM East Plant

  • Late Fall 2023/Early Winter 2024 – $6.50/bu Premium**
  • Spring 2024 – $6.75/bu Premium**
  • Summer 2024 – $7.00/bu Premium**

**Over posted basis



Additional Requirements
  • Must allow crop sampling throughout growing season (by Benson Hill)
  • Must deliver 100% of harvested crop from e42P713
  • Non-GMO purity requirement: 99.5% or greater (discount schedule will apply below 99.5% purity)
  • Deliveries that do not meet grower agreement specifications must be handled by ADM at Decatur EP or Patoka Elevator. No premium paid for failed purity or failed protein due to cross-contamination



Can I plant other varieties of soybeans for this program?
No, this program is specific to growing Benson Hill variety e42P713.

What is a typical yield on this variety?
This unique ultra-high protein variety yields similarly to other commercially available high-protein specialty soybean varieties in the market.

Grain Storage

Do I have to have grain storage on my farm to participate?
No, we have a fall delivery option to the ADM Patoka Elevator.

Grain Marketing

Can I forward price my crop?
Yes, farmers can forward price up to 45 bushels per contracted acre prior to harvest.

Grain Delivery

When and where can I deliver?
ADM Patoka Elevator: Fall 2023

Decatur East Plant: Exact dates TBD but expect shipment windows in Winter 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024.

Buyers Call

Can I choose when I want to deliver?
Space is limited at each location and delivery window.

We will fill on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once full, remaining bushels will be Buyers Call.

I Want More Information

Please contact me so we can have a conversation about this opportunity.

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