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Faces of Food: Our Favorite Moments So Far

A look back at some highlights from Seasons 1 & 2

It’s been nearly two years since ADM launched Faces of Food, an ongoing series of authentic stories featuring and celebrating the voices of producers from across the country.

Since August 2022, each Faces of Food episode has featured a different farm family, their unique operation, and the steps they’ve taken to sustain and improve it over the years.

The films also highlight the important role the surrounding community and partners play in their operation’s growth, innovation, and success.

Season 1 focuses on how three different operations embraced their own unique challenges. While mother nature, fate, or geography may make life difficult, the producers in Season 1 reveal how family, community, and perseverance helped them address the challenges that come with feeding the world.

The stories of Season 2 highlight the business of farming. We travel to central Illinois to talk to producers who rely on innovation and teamwork to address an array of challenges they face in trying to preserve their legacies.

And as we prepare for the launch of Season 3, we take a look back to highlight some of the unmissable moments producers have been generous enough to share with us in the hopes their stories can inspire others.

See some of favorite moments below:

Faces of Food Season 1: Embracing the Challenge

Spring Blizzard (Episode 1 – 1:11)

When rancher Clark Coleman recalls the snowstorm that led to what he says was the most challenging week he’d ever seen on his North Dakota ranch.


Lifeblood of Rural America (Episode 2 – 2:47)

When Bob Beckman talks about the importance of community and how the town helped out after his son Eric suffered a life-changing accident.


Gateway to the World  (Episode 3 – 2:02)

The beautiful ariel view over Habbe Farms as RH Habbe talks about what he does to prevent erosion of the resource that allows him to earn a living.


Faces of Food Season 2: The Business of Farming

It Takes a Team (Episode 1 – 1:03)

When Susie Harbaugh explains the benefits of working with her son and offers some wisdom on the importance of compromise.


An Entrepreneurial Spirit (Episode 2 – 3:37)

When Tom Leeper talks about the importance of bringing the next generation into running the business because of the new ideas they bring.


What’s your favorite Faces of Food moment?

We’ve shared a few moments that made an impact on us, but we’d also like to hear from you. What are your favorite scenes from Season 1 or 2? Which quotes, stories, or sequences do you remember most?

Head over to this post on the ADM Farmers Services Facebook page and share your thoughts.

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