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Preparing to Plant Canola: Spraying History


When you put a crop in the ground, you want to know that you are giving it the best chance to succeed. With ADM, your canola success story begins before planting, when we help connect you to seed resources and make a plan for the growing season. But before looking forward, it is important to look back. Canola does best if it avoids certain chemical residues from previous crops, so be sure to evaluate your previous spraying history before planting your canola between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15.


  • Examine your previous application history
  • Ensure your applicants were not pre-mixed with harmful products
  • Check with an agronomist if you have any questions


  • Use Prefix®
  • Use Reflex®
  • Use Flexstar®
  • Use generic equivalents of the above products

Please note that the applications listed above are not a complete list. To check if a specific product is safe for canola, please contact the ADM Mid South office at (870) 739-1380. We would be happy to partner with you in your canola success story.