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Preparing to Plant Canola: Choosing the Best Environment


The soil conditions in the Mid South are well suited for growing winter canola, but it is still important to make an educated decision about the best planting environment. Like wheat, canola performs best in fields that are well drained. Since canola is often used in place of winter wheat in a rotation, it can usually be grown in fields where wheat would be planted. In order for canola to establish its roots fully underground, it is beneficial to plant into a clean seed bed. The most productive fields in the Mid South this past growing seasons were those that were passed over with a Landoll twice before planting.

Here are the numbers to know when planting canola:

  • Seeding rate: 120,000 seeds/acre
  • Row spacing: 15-30 inches
  • Planting depth: ¾ – 1 inch in normal conditions
  • Planting dates: September 15-October 15

As always, if you have any questions or are interested in adding canola to your rotation, please contact the ADM Mid South office.