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Meet ADM’s 2021 Summer Interns


Every summer, ADM Farmer Services welcomes interns from multiple regions to learn about key areas of agriculture and to work alongside ADM representatives. This year, twelve college students are being immersed into ADM’s culture, services, products, and the numerous ways ADM helps farmers run their operations.

While each experience will vary by local office, ADM’s interns will learn about the grain markets, the process of buying and selling commodities, and the collaborative approach ADM takes in working hand-in-hand with farmers as valued partners.

Offices are involving and collaborating with interns on longer-term projects at ADM. For example, in our Memphis office, the interns are helping with initiatives related to building a larger rice and Canola program in the mid-South and supporting the expansion of the cottonseed division. Each student will return to school with valuable work experience and new insights into the ag industry.

We are thrilled that these young men and women are working with us this summer. Learn more about them below, including their internship locations, what they are excited to gain and achieve from their respective experiences, and where they attend college.


Name: Mitch Clodfelter
Internship Location: Lafayette, IN
Focus Area: Merchandising
Goals: Learn and practice new skills
College: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Extracurriculars: Attend football and basketball games


Name: Mari Dawley
Internship Location: Hutchinson, KS
Focus Area: Grain Origination
Goals: Gain more knowledge about the agricultural industry and ADM products and services
College: Iowa State University
Extracurriculars: Agricultural Business Club and my sorority


Name: Heidi Speer
Internship Location: Lafayette/Beech Grove, IN
Focus Area: Grain Origination
Goals: Interact and learn how to best meet farmers’ marketing needs
College: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Extracurriculars: Agribusiness Club, Horticulture Society, and Agronomy Department Crop Resource Room teaching assistant


Name: Ella Banks
Internship Location: Saint Louis, MO
Focus Area: Merchandising and Grain Origination
Goals: Spend my summer in Saint Louis with ADM (never lived in a big city), experience ADM culture, and work alongside and learn from ADM employees
College: University of Southern Indiana
Extracurriculars: Romain College of Business Advisory Board and Delight Ministries


Name: Cody Tegtmeier
Internship Location: Valdosta, GA
Focus Area: Merchandising and Origination
Goals: Gain hands-on trading experience and learn more about the grain markets
College: Ohio State University
Extracurriculars: Play intramural sports


Name: Jacy Castlebury
Internship Location: Farmer City, IL
Focus Area: Grain Origination
Goals: Learn more about the markets to comfortably discuss them with customers and co-workers
College: Western Illinois University
Extracurriculars: Sigma Alpha, a professional agricultural sorority


Name: Martin Filbert
Internship Location: Mexico, MO
Focus Area: Merchandising and Grain Origination
Goals: Learn as much as I can this summer
College: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Extracurriculars: Watch Illini basketball games


Name: James Hellebusch
Internship Location: Deerfield, MO
Focus Area: Merchandising and Grain Origination
Goals: Learn about the soybean processing cycle
College: University of Missouri
Extracurriculars: Attend sporting events and meeting/networking with new people


Name: Maci Kubiak
Internship Location: Memphis, TN
Focus Area: Grain Origination
Goals: Accomplish two projects focused on rice and Canola, and work alongside other originators to help build a larger program for both commodities in the mid-South
College: Michigan State University
Extracurriculars: Visit the MSU Dairy Store


Name: Calla Regier
Internship Location: Enid, OK
Focus Area: Merchandising and Grain Origination
Goals: Gain work experience and knowledge about the agricultural industry for future career success
College: Oklahoma State University
Extracurriculars: Being involved with organizations that promote diversity and inclusion on campus and within the community; I am the current president of the Asian American Student Association


Name: Colter Reid Lewis
Internship Location: Memphis, TN
Focus Area: Merchandising
Goals: Learn about ADM’s global agribusiness after spending three years in operations with ADM Tuscola; Find new opportunities to expand ADM’s cottonseed division and see two different sides of the business with the local cotton and grain offices merging together
College: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Extracurriculars: Attend sporting events with my friends


Name: Jackson Sills
Internship Location: Evansville, IN
Focus Area: Merchandising
Goals: Work with farmers and learn about the river market
College: Purdue University
Extracurriculars: Go to Purdue basketball games at Mackey Arena


Hands-on learning in the agriculture industry is the best way to build knowledge and skills that can be highlighted on resumes and applied to future jobs after graduation. ADM is pleased to support college students through its internship program and is proud to serve multiple generations in the ag industry. Feel free to reach out to your ADM representative with any questions.

ADM is providing this communication for informational purposes, and it is not a solicitation or offer to purchase or sell commodities. The recommendations in this communication do not take into account any particular individual’s or company’s objectives or needs, which should be considered before engaging in any commodity transactions based on these recommendations. The sources for the information and recommendations in this communication are believed to be reliable, but ADM does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information or recommendations. ADM or its affiliates may hold or take positions for their own accounts that are different from the positions recommended in this communication. The information and recommendations in this communication are subject to change without notice.

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