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How is Canola Marketed?


Having an idea of how canola is marketed is important before you put a crop in the ground. ADM understands that farmers want to know how the cash price is calculated, what forces are affecting the market, and how to put together a forward-thinking marketing plan.

Unlike corn and soybeans, canola futures are traded on the Canadian exchange. ADM calculates the cash price for canola by using the exchange rate and factoring in our location in the Mid South. Although canola is an oilseed like soybeans, soybean prices are not used to calculate the price you will receive for canola.

If you are interested in growing this revenue-diversifying crop, or would like to talk about the current canola market, please call ADM Mid South at (870) 739-1380. Much like how ADM works with you to create a well thought out plan for your traditional crops, we look forward to partnering with you to develop a canola plan that works for you.

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