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Farewell to In the Driver’s Seat Podcast

As the podcast closes, ADM introduces a new, interactive learning course for producers.

After four years and 49 episodes, the last episode of In the Driver’s Seat podcast was published this month. What began as a five-part conversation series about managing farm risk and making successful grain marketing decisions evolved into a valuable monthly resource for farmers.

Leveraging the expertise of numerous guests including outside ag experts and ADM specialists – the goal of the podcast was always to equip producers with knowledge and tips that could help them make sound decisions for their operations.

For the final episode, tune in to hear ADM hosts Doug Roose, Shelby Schweitzer and Emily Lacina reflect on their favorite episodes, guests, quotes and some humorous memories from over the years. Also, hear what they have to say about what’s ahead – starting with the introduction of a new, interactive course for producers.

Shift stands for “Successful Habits In Farming Today,” and it’s a six-part training course that was created over a two-year period based on input from numerous ag industry experts.

“The purpose of Shift is to improve how producers manage their farm business,” said Doug Roose, Vice President of Producer Marketing for ADM Ag Services and Oilseeds. “It does so by helping producers think differently about farming.”

The course covers grain marketing, crop insurance, fertilizer contracting, financial planning and more. Course contributors include ADM personnel, industry leaders like Ed Usset and Paul Neiffer, and producers who make tough decisions on a daily basis. Throughout the course, the contributors provide insights and lessons based on their areas of expertise and experience.

Producers can register for the course on and then work through the content at their own pace. There is no fee to register and the learning gears can be taken in order or producers can skip around to the topics of most interest. The full course topics are:

  • Turn the Key: Start Your Engine with Three Habits – An introductory section that focuses on profit over price, planning around seasonal trends and staying disciplined with rational decisions.
  • Map Your Financial Route – This first gear helps participants understand production costs, set price goals, factor in fixed costs, create a plan and track profitability.Paul Neiffer, a financial planning expert for the ag industry who works as a CPA and principal with CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, is featured in this gear. He says: “All farmers are unique and it’s important that they understand their accounting system. It isn’t a cost structure. It’s a profit-center. The more they understand those numbers, the better off their farm will be.”
  • Use Crop Insurance as Marketing Fuel – The second gear delves into federal crop insurance policies, guarantees and forward marketing, and different market scenarios.
  • Put the Brakes on Fertilizer Costs – Locking in lower prices, purchasing early to widen margins and considering storage options for long-term savings are explored in the third gear.
  • Navigate the Market with Confidence – Participants will learn about the pros and cons of grain marketing, futures and basis opportunities, and different market fundamentals in the fourth gear.Ed Usset, a grain marketing expert and economist at the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota, shares lessons throughout the Shift course. He notes: “If producers want to improve at grain marketing, understanding a few basics – futures, basis and cash price – can help remove some uncertainty and give them more control.”
  • Put Your Execution Plan on Cruise Control – The fifth and final gear focuses on developing a plan, capturing opportunities early, keeping it simple with offers and using a grain marketing management tool.

While agronomy and crop production may be top of mind, getting smarter about selling grain and buying inputs can make a real difference in profitability.

We encourage you to sign up and take the Shift course. Career-long learning is how you make improvements and stay nimble in an ever-changing industry. This course will help you think profit over price, plan around seasonal trends, and stay disciplined and execute on your strategy.

Sign Up for Shift

Shift is available to all producers and will grow over time through user-generated feedback. Visit for more information or contact your ADM representative.

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