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Diversifying Your Revenue with Canola


ADM understands that farmers benefit from diversifying their operations. That’s why we at the ADM Mid South office are diversifying with you by now offering a winter canola marketing program. Here are three reasons to diversify farm revenue with canola:

  1. Canola is in high demand
    An increasingly wealthy world population desires healthier protein and fat sources. As a source of low trans-fat oil for humans and high protein meal for animals, canola checks these boxes.
  2. Canola has a consistent quality
    Average canola yields are 40-60 bushels/acre and carry a lower risk of quality discounts than some other crops.
  3. Canola prices show little correlation with wheat prices
    As an alternative to winter wheat, the low correlation between wheat and canola prices means an added element of risk management for your operation’s financial health.

More than being a beautiful crop with agronomic benefits, canola makes sense financially. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of adding winter canola to your crop rotation, or would like to see how canola plays out in a budget when compared to winter wheat, please contact the ADM Mid South office at (870) 739-1380.