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Canola Harvest Logistics


When planning the crops to incorporate in your rotation, you don’t want to put something in the ground that you don’t know how to get out. Knowing some of the logistics of harvesting a crop before planting it can help you better plan your operation.

As a winter crop, canola is typically harvested in late May to early June. Since this is a few weeks earlier than a traditional wheat harvest, it helps relieve stress on farm labor. One week prior to harvesting, desiccation is necessary to dry down the crop and prepare it for removal from the field. While canola can be harvested with various types of combine heads, it is important to be aware of its small size to avoid potential loss of seeds through gaps in equipment. Adding to its appeal is the fact that, due to its hollow stalk, it is often easier to get through than wheat.

As always, ADM Mid South is happy to answer any questions you have about canola. We look forward to working with you.