Crop Insurance Market Updates

June, 2021

A Look at Corn Prices and Managing Inputs

As corn prices have increased, so have your inputs. With fertilizer accounting for nearly one third of your inputs, how does this affect your bottom line? Historically, fertilizer prices increase as the corn and soybean markets rise. So, you may be wondering when to sell your grain despite ongoing market fluctuation. Let’s look at some estimates to see what the market is showing us today.

The chart below shows the estimated input price and increased pricing for the 2022 crop. Today, the profit margin available, even with higher input costs, gives you the opportunity to price your fertilizer along with your grain for the 2022 crop season. Capturing these two prices as a percentage of your intended acres will help you reduce risk and realize savings. ADM has multiple contracts and tools available to help. For more information, contact a crop risk specialist or your local ADM representative.

Estimated input price and increased pricing for the 2022 crop chartEstimated input price and increased pricing for the 2022 crop chart

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