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How to Evaluate Your 2018 Grain Marketing

With harvest underway, hopefully your 2018 grain marketing plan is still in place, guiding you on whether to sell or store the extra bushels in this large harvest. Successful businesses continually review their wins and losses so they can move forward with a better plan. We take up the challenge of evaluating your grain marketing honestly in Episode 5 of our In the Driver’s Seat podcast,... Read More

Need Cash at Harvest? Don’t Surrender Upside

With cash rents, repair bills, and other expenses coming due, you may be anxious to sell some of your harvest grain. But a cash-only sale has a drawback: you walk away from potential upside in the market. And storing that grain has its own risks. Now there are two alternatives. Here to walk through two ADM contracts that work well at harvest is Dave Rosenmeyer,... Read More