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Double Duty: Marketing Your Old and New Crop

It’s mid-way through the growing season, with harvest around the corner. If you still have some bin bushels to clear out, you face marketing decisions on two crops—old and new. That’s a lot of risk to manage at one time. While you shouldn’t make pressured decisions, be aware that time may be running out for good marketing before combines roll and grain moves into the market.... Read More

Five Ways to Work the 2019 Grain Markets

The market is carefully watching news about corn and soybean acreage, planting delays from flooding, and trade news. Any one factor could quickly change price direction—or not. You need to be ready for both scenarios. Bryce Knorr, respected grain market analyst with Farm Futures magazine, believes that 2019 will hold opportunities to make a profit on both corn and soybeans.... Read More

2019 Grain Markets: Planning is Imperative

It was a challenging 2018. The year started with positive news: projections of record soy demand and weather issues in Argentina. But then we had a perfect storm: a trade war, a better-than-expected South American crop, and another huge U.S. harvest. Mid-summer saw a dramatic drop in commodity prices that’s still trying to recover. When you seem to lack control, it’s hard to get motivated for a new crop year.... Read More

How to Approach Your 2019 Grain Marketing

Ready for some good news for a change? This was a challenging year for markets, but if seasonal trends hold true, we may have weathered the weakest months. Opportunities have come around again to jump on spring prices for some of your 2019 crop. Because stronger markets typically happen early in the crop year when you’re busy putting that crop in the ground,... Read More

Take Control of Your 2019 Grain Marketing

A record harvest along with lingering trade uncertainty have weighed on markets. But as you continue to farm, there’s one thing you have to fall back on: discipline—doing the right things, step by step. It’s not too early to estimate 2019 acreage and yield, then sketch out a preliminary grain marketing plan. By planning now, you can participate in two key contracts that have a January enrollment deadline.... Read More

When to Adjust Your Grain Marketing Plan

There’s a fine line between staying flexible in your grain marketing and acting on a hunch. Learn the difference from Dale Jackson and Jim Sibbel, ADM representatives who work with grain producers to navigate challenging markets. In Episode 4 of ADM’s In the Driver’s Seat podcast, Sibbel and Jackson discuss the right reasons to adjust your marketing plan—and when you should stay the course.... Read More

Market Your New Crop Around Price Targets

By now, you know your 2018 input costs, and have price targets for your corn and soybeans. But can you realistically capture them in these markets? Yes, say two guests on Episode 3 of In the Driver’s Seat, our grain marketing podcast. ADM reps Danny Pfoff and Justin Newman share how they’ve helped farmers capitalize on seasonal trends and brief market upticks.... Read More

In the Driver’s Seat: Four Farm Risk Management Principles

In this farm economy, it’s hard to feel like you have any power over the revenue side of your operation. But now more than ever, it’s crucial to take charge of decisions that drive profitability. So we’re launching a five-part conversation series, “In the Driver’s Seat: Staying in Control of Your Grain Marketing.” We’ll cover four key principles for managing farm risk,... Read More

Resolve to Be Disciplined in Your Grain Marketing Decisions

Welcome to 2017! We hope you’ve had a restful holiday season, and that you’re sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. Did you resolve to be more strategic in your grain marketing? It might be a good one to add to your list. Let’s admit it. Record harvests and supplies have created markets that are less than inspiring. Producers have one thing to fall back on: discipline.... Read More