Unlock New Value with the ADM Soybean Carbon Intensity Program

Customers of the ADM Deerfield, MO, soybean processing plant are eligible for an ADM pilot program that rewards sustainable production practices. The new Soybean Carbon Intensity Program is another way ADM finds growers more for their crops.

This program is possible because of clean-fuel markets, which reward efforts that increase the efficiency of renewable diesel production. As part of the pilot program:

  • ADM measures field-level carbon intensity of producers delivering to the Deerfield facility.
  • Participating farms submit production data to our technical service provider, FBN/Gradable, who will score each farm for carbon intensity. Farm details provided will remain private and not supplied to ADM or anyone else.
  • Qualifying farms will receive a 5-cent/bushel premium for soybean deliveries to the Deerfield facility this year.

Invest Now to Unlock Rewards Later

Enroll in this pilot program and put your farm in position to benefit from potentially lucrative future markets. 

Future Premiums. Invest a small amount of time now to unlock rewards later for your sustainable practices.

Freedom to Operate. This is an opportunity to influence how regulators make changes to policy that will affect your farm.

More Clean Fuel Markets on the Horizon. Additional national, regional, and state policies could impact how you sell your crops.

About Clean-Fuel Markets

Biofuels are rewarded for less lifecycle emissions than other fuel types.

  • Renewable diesel is less than a third as carbon intensive as ultra-low sulfur diesel.
  • In clean fuel markets, like California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, biofuel producers are rewarded for efforts that increase the efficiency of renewable diesel production.
  • ADM invests in the technology and handles measures to make our plants more efficient.
  • Today, national averages for emissions are assigned to every bushel of soybeans processed into renewable diesel, but rule changes could include farms in carbon calculations and generate premiums for production practices.



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