Improve Your Odds in 4 Steps

Every year—no matter what the markets or weather bring—these habits make a real difference.

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1. Get Crop Insurance

Think of insurance as a safety net that allows you to forward sell when it makes sense.

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2. Set Price Targets

Aim to meet cost of production + fixed costs + profit margin. Track profitability using financial software.

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3. Personalize a Plan

Plan around seasonal trends and cash needs with marketing strategies that meet your goals.

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4. Stay Disciplined

Set “sell-by” dates for portions of your projected yield. Work to spread risk and lock in margins as you go.


The most powerful tool for making informed and confident decisions.

GrainBridge makes it powerfully easy to consolidate your grain accounts from ADM and other buyers into one dashboard. You can quickly access local elevator information, prices, grain contracts, scale tickets and payment information. Making decisions with real-time information has never been easier. You’re going to love it.

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Pro Tip

Historically, February-June futures prices for corn outperform harvest prices 80% of the time. Marketing early takes advantage of these odds.

Read: The Law of Average Matters.

Grain Marketing Methods: A Guide

You have a lot of choices in how to market your grain: Read this practical guide to understand the most common methods available to you, and compare their pros and cons.

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Simple Contracts from ADM

Want to forward market an easier way? We’ve packaged a full set of powerful and easy-to-implement grain contracts to fit your farm. You get the benefits of participating in the market without the complexity of a brokerage account.

Traditional Contracts

Make cash-based sales with a variety of familiar delivery and storage options.

Active Contracts

Stay in control of your own marketing by actively making grain pricing decisions.

Automatic Contracts

Remove emotion with contracts that automatically execute based on market averages.

Free Marketing Resources

Sign up for ADM Market Signals, our weekly grain pricing recommendations. And use GrainBridge Advisor to track your profitability.

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I work with a producer who uses price targets, and whenever we get there, he continues to sell. He’s able to protect himself, but also participate in the upside through close communication with me.

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Jim Sibbel, ADM Representative

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Pro Tip

If you’re worried about committing to a forward price, you can add a floor price or upside opportunity into many of our contracts.

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Pro Tip

Be consistent with forward marketing. Exceptional years like 2012 will happen, but most years, locking in some pre-harvest sales has proven to be exactly the right move.

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Photo: Mariah Sandlin, Grain Origination Specialist

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You know us as your elevator staff, but we also offer complimentary help with grain marketing plans. We’re turning our deep knowledge of the markets into information and services that we hope will ease your stress and improve your success. There’s no obligation when you simply ask for our help with your grain marketing.

Our time is yours to…

  • Clarify grain marketing terms and principles in plain terminology.
  • Discuss your price targets and approaches to achieving them.
  • Help you plan, execute, and adjust a marketing plan around your comfort level.
  • Work with you on floor prices and upside features to sell more confidently.
  • Calculate potential savings from forward-purchasing bulk fertilizer.

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