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Put an Expert on Your 2018 Grain Marketing

ADM Advantage Expert is enrolling corn and soybeans through January 26.

As a producer, you don’t control what the market does. Yet what happens there in just minutes can drive months of farm income.

That’s why ADM offers you another way to take action in the marketplace. When you enroll a portion of your 2018 or 2019 corn or soybeans in ADM Advantage Expert, experienced and objective professionals will make the futures pricing decisions on your grain contract. With 24/7 eyes on the market, they work to get the better opportunities within your pricing window.

Meet the ADM Advantage Experts here, and learn how they work to provide long-term value to your grain marketing efforts:

ADM Advantage Expert is enrolling 2018 and 2019 corn and soybeans now through January 26. Choose the bushels you want to sign up, a delivery date, and any or all experts to price your grain contract. You can control the outcome by tracking pricing activities, with the right to price out early along the way. You can set your basis at any point before delivery.

Get some expert eyes on a portion of your new-crop marketing. Talk to your ADM representative about ADM Advantage Expert today.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions in ADM-provided contract. Please see contract for details.

ADM is providing this communication for informational purposes, and it is not a solicitation or offer to purchase or sell commodities. The recommendations in this communication do not take into account any particular individual’s or company’s objectives or needs, which should be considered before engaging in any commodity transactions based on these recommendations. The sources for the information and recommendations in this communication are believed to be reliable, but ADM does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information or recommendations. ADM or its affiliates may hold or take positions for their own accounts that are different from the positions recommended in this communication. The information and recommendations in this communication are subject to change without notice.