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Want to learn practical steps to improve your operation? Then sign up for Shift, a free online course that covers core areas of farm management. Shift stands for “Successful Habits in Farming Today” and features six learning “gears” on topics like grain marketing, crop insurance, fertilizer and input costs, market fundamentals and general financial planning strategies.

Market Signals

Looking for some marketing advice? Sign up for Market Signals. We’ve assembled a diverse team of ADM grain marketing professionals to provide marketing guidance and send you weekly recommendation summary emails and commentary. You will also receive trigger alerts when recommendation levels are achieved. You stay in charge of your decisions while being empowered with knowledge from some of the best in the business.

Seasonal Planning

Every season has its own marketing challenges. Knowing some general market trends and tools at your disposal in advance can help you make informed, timely marketing decisions.

Production Planning

Production Planning

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Planting & Growing

Planting & Growing

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Production Planning

Your crops are harvested, the fields are bare. Now is the perfect time to touch base with your ADM representative to start planning your next crop year. It is important to develop a marketing plan that is diverse and flexible to react to changes in the market and your farm.

Some questions to consider:

  • When do you want to deliver?
  • When do you need cash?
  • What are your price objectives?
  • What is your storage capacity?
  • How comfortable are you with forward marketing?

Plans should be put in motion at this time for any grain contracts that automatically price, as well as preparing a strategy for bushels you will actively control. Your revenue goal should aim to cover your cost of production, fixed costs, and an acceptable profit margin.

Here are some grain marketing choices to consider during production and planning:

Planting & Growing

Marketing isn’t often top of mind during the busy planting and growing season, but this time often offers you some of your best marketing opportunities. While your marketing plan should already be in motion, there are additional considerations to make as the season progresses:

  • Have your firm offers in place
  • Leverage contracts with automatic execution during busy periods
  • Make a plan for your projected overrun bushels

This is also the time to leverage your crop insurance to make strategic marketing decisions. We have an exclusive relationship with Crop Risk Services (CRS) that will allow us to provide some guidance as you market your crop and make crop insurance decisions. Learn how to better manage farm risk with crop insurance and purposeful grain marketing.

Here are some grain marketing contracts to consider during the planting and growing season:


You’re busy. Decisions need to be made quickly. Crops need to be harvested and put away in a timely fashion. This is where it pays to have a working relationship with a trusted partner like ADM. Your ADM representative can help you make decisions based on strategy, not emotion.

A quick call to your ADM representative can help guide you through the logistics of grain delivery at our facilities and prevent any surprises. Our facility managers work hard to get you in and out quickly with extended hours to accommodate harvest.

Here are some grain marketing contracts to consider during harvest:

Grain Contracts

ADM offers a wide range of forward market and cash-based grain contracts to fit your marketing plan. Whether you want expert management, automatic execution or total control, you’ll find it here....and more. Compare the features of ADM contracts to find which ones best fit your needs right now.

Automatic Contracts

Build a solid marketing foundation with contracts that execute automatically.

Active Contracts

See how you can market grain while maintaining control of the pricing activity.

Traditional Contracts

Make cash-based sales with a variety of delivery and storage options.

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Reducing market risk on crop nutrition costs is a significant piece of your farm profitability picture. With this in mind, ADM is committed to be your most cost-efficient fertilizer resource–providing real savings in both time and money. Here’s how:

  • Leveraging our extensive transportation and warehouse network to procure fertilizer from the source and bring it direct to your farm through ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer
  • Allowing 24/7 access to bulk fertilizer pricing through the ADM Offer Management app so you can make bids and establish delivery preferences and timing up to 18 months forward
  • Offering one-stop, cost-effective Meridian bin and conveyor solutions through our On-Farm Fertilizer Storage Program

Crop Insurance

Are you leveraging crop insurance to make smart grain marketing decisions? Your ADM representative can help. We have an exclusive relationship with Crop Risk Services (CRS) that will allow us to provide some guidance as you market your crop and make crop insurance decisions. Some considerations when assessing your crop insurance needs:

  • What is my price target or breakeven?
  • How much grain should I forward market?
  • How can I maximize my investment in crop insurance?

Learn how to better manage farm risk with crop insurance and purposeful grain marketing.

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