Marketing Partners Advisory℠ (MPA)

Looking for some experienced perspective of the grain markets? The Marketing Partners Advisory (MPA) group is here to help. MPA team members are tenured and diverse grain marketing professionals who provide grain marketing information, recommendations and alerts through regular, mobile-friendly communications.

ADM products and services vary by location. MPA commentary does not necessarily reflect the views of ADM. The opinions expressed are those of individual MPA team members.

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How it Works

Here’s how Marketing Partners Advisory works for you:

  1. Sign up for Marketing Partners Advisory through your ADM representative, or on our Email Sign-Up page.
  2. You will receive regular updates and pricing recommendations from the advisory team via email.
  3. If you choose to act on these recommendations, contact your ADM representative.



  • Greater comfort when making grain marketing decisions
  • Thorough analysis and specific actionable recommendations
  • Diverse perspectives that can result in good decision-making
  • A strong track record of solid marketing decisions
  • Weekly summary emails and recommendation trigger alerts


The MPA Team

The MPA team members change from time to time. Current members are a combination of ADM employees and independent members who share a passion for grain marketing.

  • Bernie Spindler, ADM Territory Origination & Sales Manager, Evansville, IN
  • Jeff Mauck, ADM Regional Manager, Mendota IL
  • Kim Rugel, Grain Marketing Representative for BQCI, a subsidiary of ADM-Benson Quinn, Minneapolis, MN
  • Steve Freed, Vice President ADMIS Grain Research, Chicago, IL
  • Mike Kvistad, Independent
  • Todd Harman, ADM Regional Manager, Hutchinson, KS
  • Tony Hill, ADM Commercial Manager, Toledo, OH


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All prices are futures price references (not cash equivalents). Past performance is not indicative of future results. ADM does not warrant this information to be free of omissions and errors.

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