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Related News: Plan Your Profit for 2023

Plan Your Profit for 2023

With the turn of the calendar, we’re off to a new year and working toward new goals. Coming into 2023, crop prices are historically strong, but input prices remain elevated as well. Each year sets up differently as far as a profitable grain marketing plan is concerned. That’s why now is a good time to review your approach for the season ahead and consider factors that can make a significant difference in your profitability and future.... Read More

A Bright Future for Soybean Demand

You’ve probably heard of renewable diesel, but what you may not know is how it could potentially influence the soybean market in the future. Demand is booming for this alternative fuel, and its effects are being felt across the markets for soybeans and soy products. Renewable diesel is fundamentally different from biodiesel, which has been around for years. Unlike biodiesel, renewable diesel doesn’t need blending to be used.... Read More

Soybean Price Seasonality Creates Opportunity

As planters take to the fields across the northern hemisphere, soybean prices remain elevated on a historical basis (Chart 1) despite projections for an increase in planted acres. This creates opportunities for producers to forward price this year’s crop at profitable levels.
Chart 1 – 10-year nearby soybean price
Source: But when to sell? That’s always the question,... Read More

Be in a Position for Opportunity, Whichever Direction the Market Moves

Following two strong seasons for corn, soybean and wheat prices, marketers are looking nervously ahead to the 2023 season due to recent market turns. Prices have been high and traditionally this has led to increased production. But there’s uncertainty whether prices will remain elevated or begin to slide based on increasing global supplies. Either way, if prices are at a profitable level for your operation,... Read More

New ADM Video Follows Fertilizer Journey from Source to Soil

While there are plenty of obstacles impacting the price and availability of fertilizer, crop nutrition products are produced and transported 24/7, 365 days per year to meet farmers’ needs. A new video released by ADM goes behind the scenes of the complex fertilizer journey and explores how key crop nutrients, like monoammonium phosphate (MAP), are made, sourced and moved using ADM Fertilizer’s elaborate network of sea,... Read More

A New Year’s Resolution for Crop Insurance

Every growing season has its own set of challenges, and 2023 is likely to be no exception. Prices for grain and oilseeds are strong coming into the year, but high input prices are likely to continue to press farm profitability. In addition, industry projections for 2023 farm income are not as rosy as in the past couple years, so it’s important from an insurance standpoint to make sure you’re covered and taking advantage of everything you can in the marketplace.... Read More

Higher corn prices continue but for how long?

Following a strong two-year run, corn futures remain near the upper end of their historical price range. To protect these prices, producers can utilize a contract like the ASP to forward price a percentage of expected production during a seasonally strong time of year. By taking advantage of an ASP contract, you will benefit from: Diversifying your grain marketing portfolio Leveraging an automatic execution component in your grain pricing program Capturing seasonal price advantages,... Read More

Fifth-Generation Southern Illinois Producer Works Smarter to Succeed

Location is everything in real estate, and it certainly plays a significant role in farming as well. Located two hours south of some of the best soil in the world, Habbe Farms of Nashville, Illinois, isn’t blessed with such productive ground. But its location near river terminals in St. Louis helps deliver a premium price for grain and a cheaper price for fertilizer.... Read More