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Agronomic Benefits of Canola


Due to its favorable location and climate, the Mid South allows a variety of crops to thrive, and canola is no exception. When incorporated into a rotation cycle, canola fulfills the traditional benefits of crop rotation, while also bringing unique benefits to the land that lasts long after harvest.

Planting canola helps break pest and disease cycles and produce healthier, better yielding plants throughout your rotation. Over the winter, canola acts as an excellent cover, and spring green up provides a good canopy to out-compete weeds. In addition, its plant structure includes a 4-5 foot deep root system. This biomass increases your soil organic matter, contributing to long-term soil health. Consequentially, soybean yields increase by 2-7 bu/acre when planted after canola.

All these benefits stand to prove that canola has year-round benefits that persist long after it has been taken out of the field.