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Thanks to our industry-leading global supply chain, ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer provides a full line of high-grade dry and liquid products. ADM fertilizer can be forward contracted up to 12 months in advance for pickup or delivery straight to your farm. Blending capabilities at select terminals allow customized blends for your specific needs. ADM Farm Direct also offers exclusive access to exciting new products, including our new ADM NeoVita™ 43 biostimulant. In development is a new product called POLY4, an exciting multi-nutrient and low-chloride fertilizer. Explore our growing line of products here:

Traditional Nutrients

A complete line of primary, secondary and micronutrient fertilizers.

ADM NeoVita 43 Biostimulant

Increases nutrient use efficiency to enhance plant vigor and boost yields.

BiOWiSH® Crop Liquid

Optimizes yield potential by improved nutrient uptake and improves soil conditions for increased plant vigor.


A game-changing, multi-nutrient fertilizer.

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