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The 4-Hs of Harvest

South Dakota-based Grain Origination Specialist Kallie Schade reflects on the highs and lows of harvest.

Preserve Quality in Your Harvest Grain

There are forecasts for a cooler and wetter-than-normal harvest across the U.S., posing a new round of challenges for producers. You’ve brought your crop this far; don’t risk it getting discounted for quality issues. What can you do to prepare your bins for new grain, keep it dry, and preserve its quality through delivery? We recently put those questions to professional grain handlers at the Farm Progress Show.... Read More

Why Forward Market?

There’s a reason more farmers are selling portions of their new crop while it’s still in the field—or even before planting. Historical trends in the market make a good case for forward-selling. “Harvest is when the market has ample supplies of grain,” says ADM Grain Originator Cody Dust. “A farmer’s average price selling across the scale will probably not be as strong as marketing ahead of time.... Read More

Grain Marketing Methods: A Guide from ADM

In the past, farmers had fewer choices. Now, there are dozens of grain marketing methods to work toward more profitable prices for your crops. Here, we’ve defined each category and their pros and cons. Every farm and producer is unique. Combine the methods you’re comfortable with into a customized plan. Manage your risk by starting early in the crop year, spreading out sales,... Read More

How to Farm with a Higher Business IQ

During the “commodity super-cycle” between 2007 and 2012, it wasn’t unusual for net farm income to top $125,000. But statistics show median farm income around $35,000 in 2017. Some would say we’re in a “winter of agriculture”—meaning a tougher challenge for some operations. But noted ag economist Dr. David Kohl says there are many new opportunities for farmers with a higher business IQ.... Read More