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Related News: Canola Harvest Logistics

Canola Harvest Logistics

When planning the crops to incorporate in your rotation, you don’t want to put something in the ground that you don’t know how to get out. Knowing some of the logistics of harvesting a crop before planting it can help you better plan your operation. As a winter crop, canola is typically harvested in late May to early June. Since this is a few weeks earlier than a traditional wheat harvest,... Read More

How is Canola Marketed?

Having an idea of how canola is marketed is important before you put a crop in the ground. ADM understands that farmers want to know how the cash price is calculated, what forces are affecting the market, and how to put together a forward-thinking marketing plan. Unlike corn and soybeans, canola futures are traded on the Canadian exchange. ADM calculates the cash price for canola by using the exchange rate and factoring in our location in the Mid South.... Read More

Preparing to Plant Canola: Choosing the Best Environment

The soil conditions in the Mid South are well suited for growing winter canola, but it is still important to make an educated decision about the best planting environment. Like wheat, canola performs best in fields that are well drained. Since canola is often used in place of winter wheat in a rotation, it can usually be grown in fields where wheat would be planted.... Read More

Preparing to Plant Canola: Seed Selection

If you’ve been following the ADM Mid South Canola Communications, you know the facts: canola is a great source of diversified revenue for your farm, it is excellent for soil health, and works well in a rotation in place of wheat. Now, it’s time to buy your seed. ADM Mid South is happy to connect you with an experienced canola agronomist who will assist you in choosing a seed variety and getting it to your local farm store or seed retailer.... Read More

Preparing to Plant Canola: Spraying History

When you put a crop in the ground, you want to know that you are giving it the best chance to succeed. With ADM, your canola success story begins before planting, when we help connect you to seed resources and make a plan for the growing season. But before looking forward, it is important to look back. Canola does best if it avoids certain chemical residues from previous crops,... Read More

Agronomic Benefits of Canola

Due to its favorable location and climate, the Mid South allows a variety of crops to thrive, and canola is no exception. When incorporated into a rotation cycle, canola fulfills the traditional benefits of crop rotation, while also bringing unique benefits to the land that lasts long after harvest. Planting canola helps break pest and disease cycles and produce healthier, better yielding plants throughout your rotation.... Read More

Typical Canola Rotation

As an alternative to winter wheat, canola fits perfectly into a three crop rotation. Due to their growing seasons, corn, canola, and soybeans can be grown in succession with enough time to comfortably harvest one crop and plant the next. A typical rotation including canola in the Mid South starts with corn, which is planted in late April and harvested in late August – early September.... Read More

Diversifying Your Revenue with Canola

ADM understands that farmers benefit from diversifying their operations. That’s why we at the ADM Mid South office are diversifying with you by now offering a winter canola marketing program. Here are three reasons to diversify farm revenue with canola: Canola is in high demand
An increasingly wealthy world population desires healthier protein and fat sources. As a source of low trans-fat oil for humans and high protein meal for animals,... Read More