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Related News: The 4-Hs of Harvest

The 4-Hs of Harvest

South Dakota-based Grain Origination Specialist Kallie Schade reflects on the highs and lows of harvest.

Sustainable Farming: What’s In It For You?

Many farmers have been practicing conservation ag for decades, focusing on everything from soil health to the legacy they’re creating for their children. Now, as more consumers are looking for sustainably sourced foods, ADM is working with farmers to provide incentives and rewards for conservation practices, and bringing the supply chain together around practices that will keep farms healthy and prosperous.... Read More

Five Tips for a Better 2020 Crop Year

It’s hard to believe we’ve turned the page on 2019. Maybe you’re reviewing what went well (or what you could improve upon) and are making plans to step up your game in 2020. There’s a lot of wisdom in experience. In that spirit, we’re bringing you highlights from some of our best episodes of In the Driver’s Seat.... Read More

How to Partner with Your Lender

These are challenging times in the ag sector, especially for farmers who didn’t get in a whole crop this spring. You may need to reapply for financing. Whether it’s getting an operating loan to put in the new crop, getting financing for expansion, or just making it through a rough patch, there are things you can do to be a good lending risk.... Read More

Double Duty: Marketing Your Old and New Crop

It’s mid-way through the growing season, with harvest around the corner. If you still have some bin bushels to clear out, you face marketing decisions on two crops—old and new. That’s a lot of risk to manage at one time. While you shouldn’t make pressured decisions, be aware that time may be running out for good marketing before combines roll and grain moves into the market.... Read More

Preserve Quality in Your Harvest Grain

There are forecasts for a cooler and wetter-than-normal harvest across the U.S., posing a new round of challenges for producers. You’ve brought your crop this far; don’t risk it getting discounted for quality issues. What can you do to prepare your bins for new grain, keep it dry, and preserve its quality through delivery? We recently put those questions to professional grain handlers at the Farm Progress Show.... Read More

Helping Farmers Process Timely Decisions on Late Planting and Markets

Some veterans in the ag industry are calling this spring a “100-year event.” Never in history has there been a year quite like this one. To complicate matters, the U.S.-China trade talks continue to struggle and tariffs have escalated once more, taking a toll on the markets. This rare triple-whammy (trade, markets, and weather) creates questions for U.S. farmers already stretched for operating capital: “Do I still try to get crops in the ground?... Read More

Women on the Rise as Farm Managers

Women farm managers are growing in number and rank. According to themost recent U.S. Census of Agriculture, female operators now make up 36% of farmers and work on 56% of all farms. Their role is growing, too. Most make some farm business decisions or manage the finances, and about 38% are the primary decision-maker. One of these newer, business-minded farm managers is Maria Cox from Illinois,... Read More

2019 Grain Markets: Planning is Imperative

It was a challenging 2018. The year started with positive news: projections of record soy demand and weather issues in Argentina. But then we had a perfect storm: a trade war, a better-than-expected South American crop, and another huge U.S. harvest. Mid-summer saw a dramatic drop in commodity prices that’s still trying to recover. When you seem to lack control, it’s hard to get motivated for a new crop year.... Read More

How to Approach Your 2019 Grain Marketing

Ready for some good news for a change? This was a challenging year for markets, but if seasonal trends hold true, we may have weathered the weakest months. Opportunities have come around again to jump on spring prices for some of your 2019 crop. Because stronger markets typically happen early in the crop year when you’re busy putting that crop in the ground,... Read More