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What Does Fertilizer Really Cost?

What Does Fertilizer Really Cost? Due to poor fertilizer application seasons in 2019, inventories are over-supplied, and prices are near historic lows. Lock in your spring and fall 2020 needs before there’s a price rebound. This has been the message of ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer over the winter. Their monthly conference calls and a mobile price app are designed to help you lock in favorable prices and buy in bulk directly from an ADM terminal—often at a significant price break.... Read More

Five Tips for a Better 2020 Crop Year

It’s hard to believe we’ve turned the page on 2019. Maybe you’re reviewing what went well (or what you could improve upon) and are making plans to step up your game in 2020. There’s a lot of wisdom in experience. In that spirit, we’re bringing you highlights from some of our best episodes of In the Driver’s Seat.... Read More

What’s Happening at the Farm Progress Show?

Please join us for live podcast recordings of “In the Driver’s Seat” episodes. Look through the following schedule for the topics you’re most interested in, then grab a seat for an entertaining and informative discussion. Tuesday, 8/27 9:00am   Preserving Quality in Your Grain
How to handle, store, and keep grain high quality for the best grade. 10:30am Shutting Off Your Squirrel Brain Before It Drives You Nuts
Understanding the brain chemistry that can sabotage your farm management decisions.... Read More

Why Forward Market?

There’s a reason more farmers are selling portions of their new crop while it’s still in the field—or even before planting. Historical trends in the market make a good case for forward-selling. “Harvest is when the market has ample supplies of grain,” says ADM Grain Originator Cody Dust. “A farmer’s average price selling across the scale will probably not be as strong as marketing ahead of time.... Read More

Get Offers Working

“The thing about farming,” says Matthew Kroes, ADM Origination Specialist in Indiana and Illinois, “is that there’s always something else to do—always something to take you away from selling your grain.” That’s where offers come in: letting a grain buyer know you’re willing to sell some bushels at a firm price or a price range that you set.... Read More

Grain Marketing Methods: A Guide from ADM

In the past, farmers had fewer choices. Now, there are dozens of grain marketing methods to work toward more profitable prices for your crops. Here, we’ve defined each category and their pros and cons. Every farm and producer is unique. Combine the methods you’re comfortable with into a customized plan. Manage your risk by starting early in the crop year, spreading out sales,... Read More

Why Time-Stamp Your Grain Marketing?

When it comes to spreading risk and planning for profit, the calendar is your friend. Timing your grain marketing — that is, selling portions of your crop at intervals throughout the year — is not only a good way to spread risk; it also helps remove some of the emotions around marketing. “A time-stamped marketing plan gives you the discipline of a written plan,... Read More